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I am so excited, 123 people looked at this blog yesterday. I can’t believe it, as I consider myself rather boring. I just thank you for looking, it boosts my spirits. Well anyway, my topic for tonight is one of my greatest obsessions – TBTL. Those of you who listen share my obsession I am sure. Those of you who have no idea what I am talking about are really missing out. Too Beautiful to Live or TBTL is a radio talk show (sort of) that started in Seattle, WA in January, 2008. Since the start it has become quite the podcast sensation with 10’s of fans all over the world (literally). The show is hosted by a Luke Burbank who is ably assisted by Jen Andrews and Japan’s Number 1 Mixer, Sean Detori. TBTL is not a traditional talk show as they don’t take calls much and they rarely if ever talk about typical talk show topics. Mostly the hosts share stories and discuss pop culture ephemera. The reason I love the show so much is because the hosts are always willing to share their lives. It is a lot like having a conversation with a really funny group of friends. I was hooked the minute I heard Luke tell his story of becoming a ninja as a youth (it’s a classic). His stories of trick or treating and scatological disaster at a Mariner’s game are also classics. All in all it’s great stuff, and it helps me end my day on a high note. If I have piqued your interest, TBTL can be heard on 97.3 FM in Seattle. It is also available on iTunes and streaming on the web at mynorthwest.com. I highly encourage you to give it a hear. It is an acquired taste, but when you acquire it you will never let it go.

Jen, Luke, and Sean

Jen, Luke, and Sean

Thank You for Your Consideration,
The Time-Bandit Ten in Graham, WA

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