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Unusually Cute Animal Sunday

Oh Hai!
It seems that the small number of people who read my blog really enjoyed the post about the Honduran White Bats. In that vein , I have found two more unusually cute and unique animals that I thought might catch your fancy.

First up I will continue with my tiny bat obsession:

The Bumblebee Bat

The World's Tiniest Cuteness

The World's Tiniest Cuteness

More Tiny Cuteness

More Tiny Cuteness

These bats were given their names because they are about as small as a bumblebee and weigh no more than a dime. They hover like humming birds as they feed on insects at the top of bamboo clumps and teak treas. Unfortunately the bumblebee bat is considered one of the twelve most endangered species in the world. They are found in only a small area of Thailand that has been hugely impacted by deforestation. In 1982 the Thailand government could only find about 160 of these cuties living in three limestone caves. Lets hope they have not already disappeared. (http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~timm/dm/bumblebee.html).

Next Up

The Streaked Tenrec

Streaked Cuteness

Streaked Cuteness


There are 23 species of Tenrec that live mainly on the island of Madagascar. These tiny insectivores have long snouts and limbs. The Streaked Tenrec looks a little bit like a mammalian caterpillar and has quills like a porcupine. They live in family groups inside of shallow burrows dug in damp humus. The detachable quills are very useful for defense when driven into a predators snout or paws. They are possibly endangered but have not reached the level of the bumblebee bat yet. (http://www.americazoo.com/goto/index/mammals/35.htm)

Look for more unique animal cuteness next Sunday.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham 10

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