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Unusually Cute Animal Sunday Returns

Oh Hai!

Thanks to Cute Overload, I discovered what one of the cute animals I have posted is.  This cutie  is called a fennec fox.


The fennec fox is a resident of the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa.  It weighs about 3 pounds and is incredibly adorable with its ears that are far to big for its body.  Rule of Cuteness #15: Disproportionate ratio between relative ear to head size is always cute.  The large ears are used to dissipate heat and hear prey at night.  These foxes have ears that are sensitive enought to hear large insects like beetles walking on the sand.  The rest of their diet includes birds, rodents, eggs of birds, and desert vegitation.  Oddly enough, fennec foxes can be legally kept as household pets in the United States.  They are friendly to people and other household pets.  However, they are very difficult to, if not impossible, to house train and often exhibit instinctual behaviors in the home like trying to burrough under furniture to build their nests.  Thankfully these foxes are not on the endangered list.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham 10

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