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Thank Goodness the Puppy Survived All That Poop!

Oh Hai Again,

Since I love cut animal pictures, I also love cute animal stories.  There are definitely some holes in this story, but ultimately the idea of a one week old puppy being flushed down the toilet and then rescued is a cute animal story.  If the puppy was flushed on purpose, shame on the mother for animal cruelty.  If the puppy  was flushed by accident, shame on the mother for not properly teaching her four year old child that a toilet is not a bathtub and small things go down the when you flush and don’t usually come back.  (Sorry about the massive run on sentence.)  Here is the story from the New York Daily News, written by Denise Chow.

Poopy Puppy

Poopy Puppy

A week-old British puppy is safe and sound after being accidentally flushed down the toilet by his 4-year-old master.

The tiny cocker spaniel was rescued by an employee of a drainage company after being trapped in a sewage pipe for close to four hours, according to two British dailies. Firefighters and the RSPCA had failed at their attempts to free the pup.

Daniel Blair, 4, had been trying to give the muddy dog a bath, after his twin brother Nicky took the young pup for a walk in the garden of their Middlesex home.

The young boy placed the dog in the toilet and pulled the chain to wash it. Their mother, Alison, told Britian’s Daily Mirror that she ran into the bathroom to find the dog missing.

“I assumed it was dead,” she told the Daily Mirror. “I went into the garden, managed to lift up the drain cover and was amazed to hear him crying.”

Will Craig, 22, an employee at Dyno-Rod, the drainage firm, used specialty camera equipment to locate the puppy’s whereabouts in the pipe, nearly 20 yards away from the house. Craig was then able to nudge the dog towards a manhole, where firefighters were able to lift the puppy to safety.

“At first, I didn’t want to do it because I was scared of hurting the dog,” Craig told the Daily Mail. “But the RSPCA said I was his only hope.”

Pictures of the puppy in the pipe were posted on Dyno-Rod’s website, and were also broadcast on British television.

The pooch has since been named Dyno, after the company who rescued him.

Thank You Again For Your Consideration,
The Graham Ten
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