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Even Lady Foxes Can’t Resist Cute Shoes

Oh Hai!

This is a really sweet, as opposed to controversial, cute animal story.  A mama fox was found to be behind a rash of shoe thefts in Föhren, Germany.  The authorities theorized that she took the shoes as playthings for her kits.  What a good mama, making sure her babies are entertained.  It seems she is continuing her thieving ways, even after her discovery.  You have got to keep those kids busy.  Here is the story for your consideration.

Shoe-Stealing Fox is Busted! Over 100 Shoes Discovered in Den

by Helena Sung Jun 17th 2009 12:00PM

“Mmmmm, I’d look fabulous in those Manolos!” Photo: ahisgett/Flickr
She’s a vixen with a shoe fetish.A female fox has been identified as the perpetrator of a year-long shoe-stealing scheme in the idyllic town of Föhren in the hills of western Germany. For months, residents had been noticing that their slippers, boots, and sneakers were mysteriously disappearing from their doorsteps and back porches.

The case was cracked when a forestry worker stumbled upon an astonishing scene in the woods: dozens of shoes lay strewn on the forest floor surrounding a fox’s den. Even more were discovered inside!

“We found 86 shoes in the den and a further 32 in a nearby quarry where they like to play,” a local count, Rudolf Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, tells SPIEGEL ONLINE, referring to the foxy mama and her cubs. “That includes 12 or 13 matching pairs of shoes.”Tiny little teeth marks on the shoelaces leads the Count to theorize that the vixen had been stealing the footwear for her cubs to play with. That, or she “simply likes collecting shoes,” say the locals. And, really, who could fault a female for liking shoes?

In a scene sounding like something out of “Sound of Music,” Count von Kesselstatt ordered the shoes to be rounded up and laid out on the palace grounds for the local townsfolk to look over and retrieve their missing shoes.

Has the shoe-stealing vixen corrected her ways since being discovered?

Not a chance. “More shoes have gone missing in the last few days,” reports the Count.
Than You For Your Consideration,
The Graham Ten
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