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2009 Wackiest Pet Names #11-50

Oh Hai!

VPI Pet Insurance recently published their list of the top 50 wackiest pet names of 2009.  Every other website, newspaper, or blog that I looked at listed the top ten names for the cats and dogs.  I decided to be different and list numbers 11-50.  Some of them are really creative.  I don’t know whether to be honored or sad because my cat’s name is sort of on the list.  Bucky Crookshanks is number 20 on the cat list.  My tripod cat’s full name is Crookshanks Cinnamon Hershey Princess.  My young niece helped me name her.  I wanted Crookshanks because I love Harry Potter.  Cinnamon was the name the rescue group gave her.  Hershey was the name of a cat that my niece had at her Mother’s house and had to give away.   Finally, at the age of seven my niece named everything Princess.  Anyway, here is the list #11-50.  Enjoy.  If you want to check out the rest of the list or the stories behind the top ten names you can find those stories at 2009 Wackiest Pet Names.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten


Full Metal Frank


Lady Deathstrike

Community College

Major Mittens

Pee Gravel

Sargeant Pickles

Homer Piddle Cotton


Bubba The Dooderbutt

Platter Puss

Butkiss Hoover

Motley Screensaver

Foxy Divaliscious

Poopie Stretch

Phlegm Kaddlehopper

Fluffun Muffin

Einstein Snickerdoodle

Jack Bauer Supercat

Bobolina Pinky Poo

Bucky Crookshanks

Foolio Squirt

Dumpster Kitty

Wilhemina Von Ruckus








Lady Bacon Obama

Puffin P-Diddy

Bogey Mclovin

Catfish Bob

Buckwheat Yoda

Clark Cat Super Kitty


Baby Fish Mouth

Dr. Ralph Ralpherson


Darwin Hoover Haven

Bisghetti Lou

Fonzi Boombox

Bumblebe Flashdance

Pippy Deer Dancer

Mean Ole Fiesta

Bunny Duty

Aziza Glamourpuss

Lil Bits Of Panda

Bandit Ziegenfuss

Doolie Toothpaste

Mr. Pennzoil Bristle

Detective Frank

Lord Fangs

Nut Butter Jimenez

Toes Man

Paulie Walnuts

Friskie Loving

Alabama Whirly

Beluga Armstrong

Koda Son Of Hercules

Charlie Applesauce

Dr. Love

Cripple Kitty Boo

Tinkle Bell

Special Ed

Colonel Boogie


Dong Dong Willson

Ms. Noxema Jackson

Gracie Yo-Yo Krank

Miss Boo Scaredeycat

Biggie Baxter Cream

Dubbya S Justice

Randy Hornblower

Jughead Alexander

Agustus Yankee Dance

Mr. Muscles

Princess Babe Shack

Cap N Cosmo
  1. March 1, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    I have a funny name, but it is a hairless rats name so it can’t be on the list. I named him Boobie. I named him this cause he looks like a boob. And I call my dog poop eater,cause he eats poop.

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