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What is it With Animals and Soda Machines?

Oh Hai!

It appears that opossums are taking advice from raccoons and taking refuge inside comfy soda machines.   Too bad most humans like soda to come out when they put money in the pop machine rather than cute little animals.  The little possums natural instinct to play dead when feeling threatened made it difficult to extract it from the pop machine where it had decided to hang up side down and take a little nap like possums are want to do when they are tuckered out.


Baby Opossum Rescued From NY Soda Machine

Playing Dead? Baby Opossum Stuck Inside Soda Machine At NY Gym

Doesn’t Give Rescuers Much Help


A baby opossum’s instinct to play dead evidently didn’t help matters after it got wedged inside a soda machine at a Binghamton-area fitness club. The animal ran into the Court Jester Athletic Club in Johnson City and scurried behind a soda machine in the front vestibule Wednesday evening.

The club’s assistant manager called police after she realized the critter was stuck inside, hanging upside down in a compartment below the soda dispenser.

A police officer tried to pull it from the bottom of the machine, but it was lodged in place and making no apparent move to escape. About a half hour later, another employee arrived with a key for the machine, the front panel was opened and the animal rescued. The officer released it in a nearby cemetery.


Once and for all little guys, pop machines are not hotel’s for cute little creatures.  Read more about this little guy’s story at pressconnects.com.

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The Graham Ten

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