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Just What Constitutes an Emergency?

Oh Hai!

While looking up an incident where a father called 911 about his adult son’s messy room, I happened upon a top ten list of inappropriate non-emergency 911 at time.com.  It is some pretty funny stuff.  I will summarize for you below.


1. In 2006, an off duty police officer decided to bake some pot brownies using marijuana he confiscated during an arrest.  He called 911 when he found himself in a drug induced state of panice and was afraid he was dying.  He, of course, resigned from the police force.

2. In 2009, a man called 911 to report that he was lost and parked on some railroad tracks.  While describing where he was, he told the dispatcher that a train was coming and he was going to get killed.  The dispatcher finally convinced him to exit his car.  The man survived.  The car did not.  The man was eventually rescued and arrested for drunk driving.

3. In May of 2009, a man called 911 when his 28 year old son refused to clean his basement room.   To make maters worse, the 28 year old son was a member of the school board.  Ultimately, the father did not press charges because he did not want to hurt his son’s political career.

4. On Memorial Day 2009, a man called 911 when an orange juice was left out of his brother’s McDonald’s meal.  He was angry that the MacDonald’s employee refused to fix the situation.  The man was arrested for improper use of 911 and spent a night in jail.

5. A Florida woman called 911 when she found herself locked inside the car with her windows up on a hot day.  The 911 operator offered her a quick and easy solution.  Unlock the door, pull up the handle, and exit the vehicle.  Surprise, surprise it worked.

6. There seem to be a lot of 911 calls coming from disgruntled McDonald’s customers.  Also in 2009, a woman called 911 three times when McDonald’s ran out of chicken McNuggets and refused to giver her a refund.  They instead asked her to make another menu choice.  The woman claimed it was either call 911 or take matters into her own hands.

7. This time Burger King was the offender.  A woman in California called 911 when her Western Bacon Cheesburger was not made her way.  It seems she needed defending from a dangerous burger.

8. In 2008, John McCain’s brother called 911 when he was stuck in traffic.  When he did not get the answer he wanted from the operator he cursed the operator and hung up.  He called 911 again after recieving an angry voice mail from the first operator.  Apparently he did not learn his lesson the first time.

9. A four year old girl called 911 for help with her math homework.  The kind operator helped her out.

10. Also in Oregon, a lonely woman called 911 to ask that a cute police officer who had previously come to her house because of a noise complaint be sent back.  She told the operator that it wasn’t often that a cute guy just shows up on your door step.  The cute officer did return to her home, to arrest her.

Read the full story with pictures and sound at Not-Quite-Emerergency Calls-Top Ten time.com.

The moral of the story:  If you are not in serious physical danger or experiencing a real medical emergency, do not call 911.  Not getting what you expected in your fast food order is not physical danger or a medical emergency.  Also, making a frivolous 911 call can lead to your arrest.


Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten

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