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4th of July Fireworks – Be Smart

Oh Hai!

With the 4th of July just around the corner, I would like to urge everyone to use fireworks safely.  I love fireworks when they are used by experts.  When they are used by average human beings who do not always use their common sense, they can be extremely dangerous.  Maybe I am paranoid, but I get extremely anxious when I see most humans setting off fireworks, especially young ones.  They are explosives and can, and do, blow off body parts.  Just be careful out there.  Celebrate our countries birth in a safe and sane way.  Go see the experts do it.  To drive home the point here are some stories of those lacking common sense while using fireworks.


1. On Easter Sunday a boy and his friends were trying to set off artillery shells out the window of a moving car.  One of the shells went off in the car, nearly blowing off one of the teenage boys’ fingers.

2. In South Carolina a 13 year old boy blew his hand off when he taped 144 sparklers together and lit them.  The bundle of sparklers exploded in his hand while he was trying to put it out.

3. A 44 year old Kansas man had his hand amputated after being seriously injured by 50 sparklers taped together.

4. In Michigan’s Independence Township, about 30 miles northwest of Detroit, an explosion that could be felt blocks away injured two brothers who authorities believe were trying to make fireworks in a maintenance building at an apartment complex.

5. In Florida, a woman and her 5-year-old son suffered minor injuries when a man lit a firecracker in a fireworks stand in Port Richey, setting off a chain reaction of hundreds of fireworks.

6. Sam Lieberman was having fun being the center of attention a few years back. He was using a tube to shoot fireworks straight up in the air as a group of 25 people stood in a circle watching.  The 24-year-old from Hyde Park put a firework in and lit it, waiting for it to explode – but the unsecured tube tipped over, staring him down like a gun barrel.  Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

7. A backyard New Year’s Eve celebration turned lethal shortly after midnight when a 41-year-old Cooper City father of two fatally injured himself with professional grade mortar-type fireworks.

8. During a party, a 3-year-old boy was seated on a swing before he was hit by two Sky Thunder Eight Ball Roman Candles that shot out of a tipped-over bucket that was being used to set off an illegal fireworks display.

9. A 27 year old woman was killed when she bent over a professional grade fountain to see why it didn’t light.  The police had been at the scene earlier that night to talk to the people involved about using their legal fireworks carefully.

10. A 14 year old boy blew holes in his hand and stomach while playing with what he thought was an M-1 but was really an illegal M-80.  He was dropping the lit M-80 into a copper pipe when it all exploded in his hands.

To make matters worse, in the You Tube generation, there are an amazing number of people who now tape themselves acting stupidly with fireworks.  Check out the top 11 videos of irresponsible fire works use at Buzz Feed.

Ten-thousand Americans are treated for fireworks injuries per year and 64 percent of those occur during the one-month period surrounding the Fourth of July, according to Nathan Timm, an emergency room physician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  While burns are the most common injuries, accidents can lead to damaged eyes and, occasionally, the loss of body parts if the explosion is powerful enough.

I am awfully pessamistic when it comes to human beings actually using their common sense when around fire and explosives.  I say, leave it to the professionals, that’s what they are there for.

Have a Greatt 4th of July.


Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten

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