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Was the Badger Over 21?

Oh Hai!

I have found yet another great cute animal in the news story.   This one concerns a German badger who had a bit too much to drink.  The story started when a driver reported what he thought was road kill blocking a road near Groß Döhren, Germany.  When a police officer arrived to rectify the situation, he discovered that the badger was not dead.  In fact, the badger was sitting calmly in the middle of  road just staring at the officer.  The officer soon discovered that the badger had been snacking on over-ripe cherries by the side of the road.  The digestion process turned the cherries into alcohol.  The badger was blotto and suffering from diarrhea.  The officer kindly directed the badger off the road to a meadow where he could sleep off his binge in safety.


The hangover is going to be a killer.  I hope the badger has learned his lesson and will stay away from the over-ripe cherries in the future.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten

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