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A Very Meta Pet News Story – Blind Collie Has His Own Guide Dog

Oh Hai!

If you listen to TBTL (97.3 KIRO FM in Seattle) you know what meta means (“Drunk people are so meta.”)  If you don’t, I am not so sure I can explain it.

What is Meta: Local reporter Kelly O gave us this word during her infamous interview where she repeated her mantra “drunk people are so meta”. The actual word is an adjective that can mean “self-referential”. We adopted it and use it when we are being self-referential in the extreme. (We also use “inside to the power of inside”, a phrase used by an east-coast listener to describe when we are being meta in the extreme.)

– TBTL Seattle, WA

Suffice it to say this article about a blind dog with his own guide dog fits squarely in the definition of meta.

Blind collie has his own guide dog

A blind border collie has found a new lease of life – after getting his own guide dog.

Black and white hound Clyde is totally blind and relies on fellow collie Bonnie to guide him everywhere, reports the Daily Telegraph.

She stays inches from Clyde’s side while guiding him on walks or to food or water, and lets him rest his head on her haunches whenever he becomes disorientated.

When they are together five-year-old Clyde seems as capable as a fully-sighted dog, but he refuses to move unless two-year-old Bonnie is nearby to guide him.

The inseparable pair were rescued as strays three weeks ago and are now looking for a new home.

Cherie Cootes, 40, at the Meadow Green Dog Rescue centre in Loddon, Norfolk, said Clyde would be lost without Bonnie and the dogs had to be re-homed together.

She said: “If Clyde’s unsure where he is he will suddenly go behind her and put his face on her back so she can guide him where he is going.

“He totally relies on her the whole time. When she walks she tends to stop and make sure he’s there – she does look out for him.

“When Bonnie’s about you wouldn’t necessarily notice Clyde is blind, but when she’s not about he refuses to move without her. There’s absolutely no option of homing them separately – they have to go as a pair.

“She’s just so good with him. They really are the most lovely pair of dogs. We’ve got to find them a home.”


You can also read more about these dogs at The Telegraph Newspaper and The Daily Mail.  What a great pair.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten

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