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Lucky the Ironically Named Furniture Gliding Box Turtle

Oh Hai!

Lucky the box turtle is lucky to be alive.  Lucky lives in Petaluma, California with his friend Lovey and his owner Sally.  During the summer months the turtles lived in a luxurious outside enclosure.  Unfortunately a raccoon was able to enter the enclosure and gnaw off Lucky’s front legs.  Lovey was not injured in the attack.  Being a woman after my own heart, Sally took Lucky to the vet instead of letting him die.  The vet amputated what was left of Lucky’s front legs.  Things looked grim for Lucky, but he was not willing to give up.  He even pushed himself around with his two back legs.   The veterinarian decided that Lucky needed some kind of prosthetic to help him get around.  He decided to use furniture sliders.  The vet glued two sliders together to recreate the length of the turtle’s legs and glued those to the bottom of Lucky’s shell.  Lucky Lucky now gets around his house quite well.  If you would like to read more about Lucky you can do so at The Los Angeles Times.


Hurrah’s to Lucky!

Thank You for Your Consideration,

The Still Very Sad Graham Ten

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