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Massive Amounts of Blorpiness

Oh Hai!

Just exactly what is blorpiness you say?  Well, see for yourself!

The amazingly cute blorpy wonder above is called a pygmy hippo.  It is the much smaller and less dangerous version of the massivly huge hippo that most people are familiar with.  I had no idea, but apparently the regular size hippo kills more humans every year than any other animal.  Go figure.  The pygmy hippo is far less dangerous and far cuter than the regulation size.  It grows to be just about 3 feet tall – only 1/5th the size of other hippos.  The 3000 left in the wild live in the tropical rainforests of West Africa.  They are endangered due to loss of their habitat and over hunting.  Pygmy hippos are reclusive creatures who must live by water to keep their skin hydrated.  They are vegitarians that feast mainly on grasses, fruits, and leaves.  Efforts are underway at zoos all over the world to keep these cuties from vanishing from the Earth forever.

Strangely enough the topic of pygmy hippos has crossed paths with another favorite topic of mine – inter species motherly love.  Lisha the Labrador retriever, who is a resident of the Cango Wildlife Reserve in the Oudsthoorn area of South Africa, has helped raise one of these orphaned blorpy little guys.

Lisha and the Blorpy One

Lisha and the Blorpy One

Thank You For Your Consideration,
The Graham Ten
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