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Oscar Needs a Home

Oh Hai!

If you live in the Seattle, Washington area and are in the market for a cat, I would like you to consider Oscar.  Even though I already have more pets than I have space (can you really have too many pets?), I still often find myself perusing Petfinder.com.  I ran across this 12 year old guy and fell in love.  Why did I fall in love you ask?  Could it be his vampire fang like front teeth?  That’s definitely part of it (Edward Cullen anyone?).  Could it be his declawaedness?  That could be a consideration.  Is it his unique meow?  Maybe.  All those things make him a great companion for a forever friend.  The thing that put it over the top for me is the fact that he only has three legs.  I am a sucker for three-legged babies, as evidenced by the fact that I have had two of them.  They never seem to let their lack of a limb get them down or stop them.  Oscar is no different, running around and acting as if all four legs were present.    I wish I had the space to bring him into my home.  If you do, the Seattle Animal Shelter can give you all of the information or find him at Oscar at Petfiner.com.



Thank You For Your Consideration (and Oscar thanks you).

The Graham Ten

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