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Have Animals Gone Crazy

Oh Hai!

For your consideration, several stories about animals doing crazy things.  Could this be a sign?  Is more craziness to follow?  You decide.

#1 A Cow Takes a Dive in a Woman’s Pool

On November 18 a South Carolina woman heard a strange whooshing noise in her backyard.  She looked outside to discover that a 650 lb. cow had taken a dive into her covered pool.  Don’t worry the cow was rescued and is doing just fine.  It turns out that the cow wandered out of a neighbors yard and probably walked right onto the pool not realizing the cover was not solid ground.  Read more about the cow at WFSA 12 News.

2. Kitty Attacks Cop

This one is all over the internet.  A Texas police made a routine traffic stop that turned out to be anything but routine.  As he was issuing a ticket, a small black cat decided to use him as a climbing post.  The officer’s dashboard camera captured the cat running up and down the officer and having a great time doing it.  Kudos to the officer who was patient and kind to the cute little kitty.  Read more about it at AOL News.

3. Turkey Causes Traffic Jam on New Jersey Turnpike

An 11 lb. wild turkey, named Tammy by toll collectors, recently decided to make her home on the New Jersey turnpike.  Tammy enjoyed jumping on cars, dodging traffic, and just hanging out.  NJ Fish and Wildlife officials finally nabbed Tammy on November 18 and took to a much safter place, the South Jersey Zoo, where she will live out her days in relatively traffic free bliss with a male wild turkey named Gobbler.  Good luck Tammy.  Read more about it at The New York Post.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten

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