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Things I Found on Etsy – Sunday

Oh Hai

It is time for the next installment of things I found on Etsy.  Here are a couple of awesome items made by a couple of awesome artists that can be found on www.etsy.com.

Snuffy the Snuffer and Spoutin’ Off by I’m a Sally Pants

These candle sticks and candle accessories are made out of industrial plumbing parts.  I love the way the beauty of these practical objects is enhanced and turned into something new and totally wonderful.   This is a store I definitely want to buy from.  Oh, and they donate a portion of their profits to animal charities.  You can’t beat that.

Visit I’m a Sally Pants Where Form Mocks Function on www.etsy.com.

Pet ID Tag, Hand Stamped, Sterling Silver, Large Teardrop with Heart Charm by AoDesigns

As you know I love animals, so I am bound to love a beautiful Pet ID Tag.  This shop has them in many shapes, sizes, and metals.  The sterling silver teardrop shape was my favorite.

Check out AoDesigns on www.etsy.com.

If you like these items, perhaps you might also like this item from my shop Rockshanks Repurposed Art Jewelry.

Altered Art WWII Coca Cola Art Charm Bracelet

For your consideration a one-of-a-kind Coca Cola war time advertisement charm bracelet. The approximately 8″ charm bracelet contains eight frame charms that contain images of vintage WWII Coca Cola advertisements (the charms are sealed but not water proof. The altered art charms are accented by seven sterling silver military themed charms. The classic advertisements are patriotic and nostalgic.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten

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