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Children Say the Darndest Things to Santa

Merry Christmas!

Please enjoy a selection of letters to Santa from around the web.

* I have been really good all year long but don’t ask Mommy and Daddy if its true. – Sarah, 6, Colorado.

* I have been good until last nite when the cat scratched me and I was mad at it and thought i caught mouse disease. – Mallori, 9, Nova Scotia.

* I’m going to leave out my report card just to prove how good I’ve been! – Patricia, 12, Québec.

* When you elves going to check on me to see if I was good. – Breannon, 7, New Jersey.

* I’m sorry I was naughty this year but I can’t help it if I get a really bad case of the grumpies! – Catherine, 4, Pennsylvania.

* I want a puppy because they are cute, I want pjs because I need them, I want pants so people won’t see my underwear. That is why I need those things.
– Jacqui, 8, Illinois.

* please send me pj’s because we have a woodstove downstairs and my bedroom really gets cold at night and my nose gets almost as red as rudolphs
– LeAnna, 10, West Virginia.

* Dear Santa, the reason I want a Wii is because when it snows my sister, my brother and I will not be bored. The second reason is we could have something to do over Christmas break. My third reason is so my mom can get some rest over the break. – Briawna

* But most of all I wish my Mommy could be here for Christmas but she is serving our country overseas. Please give her a note that says “I hope you are safe.” – Angelica, 6, Washington.

* please make sure all the kids that don’t have families get to be with someone special on Christmas and have a wonderful memory to keep with them the rest of their lives. Also the kids that live on the streets, give them shelter and love and happiness. – Victoria, 8, Ebenhausen, Germany.

* This is a special christmas cos we have our uncle saied staying from iran and he hasnt had a christmas before, cos they dont have xmas in iran only new year. It would be lovely if you could send a big sack of grownup presents for him too. – Laylee, 8, Middlesbrough, England.

* Dear Santa,I have been a considerate girl this year. Please bring me the squinkier play set, a nook, ipod touch, American girl that look like me, Vet stuff that has a robot puppy, nursey pets, Dipin Dots maker. I want a elf on a sherlf and I will name it Myra and take good care of it, feed it and make a bed. That’s all I want.

Your friend,MyaSanae Carter.

* I am trying to talk nice, and not say words I shouldn’t say. I am very good to my sister, Hannah
– Sara, 4, Eielson, Alaska.

* What type of fuel do you use for your sleigh or are your reindeers just hyper? Either way, I hope you won’t miss our house.
– Matt, 11, Greenfield, Ohio

– Nichole, 8, Tucson, Arizona

* It is really cold here. Make sure Rudolph wears his sweater 🙂 and Reindeer mittens.
– Donna, 9, Pennsboro, West Virginia

* Dear Santa, I would love all the presents I asked for but my mom deserves them more. I have been getting presents all year from my mom and she works hard to get them for me. My mom doesn’t know how much I love her that’s why I want her to have all my presents. Love, Victoria
– Victoria, 12, Syracuse, New York

* I have tried to be good Santa, but boys will be boys. You must know that cuz you are a boy.
– Henry, 8, Manchester, United Kingdom

* Please make sure the reindeers eat all their carrots, tops too! becauase they’re veggies are good for them!
– Tara, 5, Hartselle, Alabama

* My Dad did the naughty/nice test and was called a little stinker. Please give him somthing he did’nt mean to be bad.
– Saoirse, 10, Carbury, Ireland

* Does your Mommy make you stop and brush your toothes after you have milk and cookies at each house?
– Celine, 4, Wilmington, Delaware

* I love how you and your Elves can work together so well to get all the presents done by Christmas.
– Alexandra, 9, Fall River, Nova Scotia

* Thank you for waving at me at the mall. You really do love me!
– Marisa, 2, Ogden Dunes, Indiana

* could you bring me some nail polish too, cause other kids in school have some, and i dont.and i would like to wear it cause im a girl and girls do that kind of stuff. thank you Santa
– Deryn, 5, Thunder Bay, Ontario

* Daddy took down that naughty TV antena you ripped your pants on last year!! It still had some red pants on it!! Maybe Mrs. Claus can sew it back on for you??
– Deja, 14, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

* How is Rudolph doing? Playing reindeer games I suppose.
– Megan, 3, Anamosa, Iowa.

* It is hot here in Singapore, so you may want to use Zebras instead of reindeers (My teacher had that idea).
– Michael, 9, Singapore, Singapore.

* last year my mom left DOG FOOD for the reindeer. This year i’m cooking for them.
– Kayla, 9, Colstrip, Montana.

* Would you like to go on a diet? call bally total fitness today for only 10 cookies and $19.95!
– Mandy, 11, Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

* Is that right that theres another reindeer ‘Bruno the Brown Nose Reindeer’ who folows behind Rudolf but does’nt stop so well.
– Danielle, 12, Brighton, United Kingdom.

* If a reindeer gets sick take my brother to help pull the sleigh. He’s hyperactive anyway!
– Devin, 8, St. Petersburg, Florida.

– Joel, 5, Bradford, United Kingdom.

* Waaaaaazup! I can’t wait for you to visit my house this year! I’m going to leave so much yummy food this Christmas Eve, you’ll have to buy a new suit!
– Alexa, 11, Royal Oak, Michigan.

* I think you will be very happy to be giving me presents this year.
– Valentina, 5, St. Petersburg, Russia.

* Last year Rhodoph stomped on the roof and woke me up! Silly Rhodoph!
– Ashleigh, 9, Lorton, Virginia.

* Carrots & Cookies Served Fresh Here!!
– John, 10, Duncan, British Columbia.

* merry xmas and dont get drunk xmas eve because if you get drunk and drive the sliegh you might crash.
– Jenna, 10, Tasmania, Australia.

* I hope you have been good for your mom. I hope the elves have been good for their mommy too – ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!
– Derek, 6, New Bern, North Carolina.

* We willput some paper on the floor so your muddy boots don’t upset Mummy
– Kit, 5, North Marston, United Kingdom.

* Just so you know, I put a trap on your cookies so daddy will not eat them this year.
– Matt, 9, Westbury, New York.

* i didn’t go see you at the store cause i was afraid. i’m a real little chicken. But I’m not afraid to see you in my pooter!
– Nick, 3, St. Catharines, Ontario.


* Dear Santa For Christmas I would like my own planet, (Mars would be nice because its near Earth). Tim

* I am going to try to remember to wear my undies every day and not go commando to school. 
– Braedon, 8, Werribee, Australia

* Why don’t you ride dinosaurs instead of reindeers? 
– Dominick, 3, Brooklyn, New York

* I deliver papers and it is boring, so I can’t even imagine delivering to eveyone in the WORLD! 
– Chris, 12, Calgary, Alberta

* My bestest friend wants a car for Christmas. But she’s not been that good! But don’t tell her that I told you. 
– Nicole, 9, Topeka, Kansas

* What kind of light bulb does Rudolph use so I can leave him one.
– Spotty, 9, Medicine Hat, Alberta

* It’s hard in fifth grade. Maybe you could make Miss Ramsey give us no homework for a long month.
– Lauren, 11, Austin, Texas

* Dear Santa, I will spray down the fire plase so you do not burn your butt and i will leav you cookes and milk.
– Nick, 5, Oskloosa, Kansas

* As my brother has been a very, very, very bad boy I would like you to send someone to torture him. Maybe a chunk of coal too. Bring my parents some neat stuff and the bill. 
– Holly, 9, Toledo, Ohio

* I heard that Rudolf shoots lasers from his nose to protect the North Pole. Is it true? 
– Stephen, 9, Calgary, Alberta

* I hope you have a good trip. Dont fall off the roof. Be carefull when your going down the chimney. Make sure the reindeer dont sneak away. 
– Hayden, 6, Cochrane, Alberta

* Dear Santa, I hope you know I’m going to grease the chimney for you! 
– Barrett, 8, Cochrane, Alberta

* I heard that Mrs. Claus looks like Pamela Anderson. Are these rumors true?
– John, 17, Sulphur Rock, United States

* PLEEESE!! Don’t bring me any new clothes…well, if you do, get my Mom a bigger washing machine because if I get any more clothes the washing machine will overflow. By the way, don’t give Mr. Grinch anything for Christmas. He forgot to wash behind his ears. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
– Kayla, 9, Calgary, Alberta

Thank You For Your Consideration and Merry Christmas!

The Graham 10

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