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Merry Christmas!

Exactly what is a potto you ask?  I had absolutely no idea either until today when I saw a picture of a baby one and decided it was one of the cutest things ever.  So here it goes.

The potto lives in the tropical rainforests of Western and Central Africa.  They range in size from 1.7 to 3.7 lbs.  Their diet consists of fruit, insects, and other small animals.  They are a member of the prosimian classification.  The slow climbing potto rarely comes down from the trees. If danger is near, the potto holds very still to blend in, and can hold its position for hours. If attacked, the potto tucks down its head and projects the bony processes between its shoulder blades that act as a shield. It can also inflict a nasty bite.  These little guys are so quiet when they move that they are sometimes called the softly-softly.  The softly-softly can live up to 25 years.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten

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