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Kids Write the Darndest Things

May 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh Hai!

In addition to teaching Social Studies and Theater I also use my legal education to teach a youth law class.  In response to a test question about assault, a student wrote the following answer:

Yes. Assault has occurred cause Micheal walked torward John with his fish up shadning it …

I don’t remember mentioning fish in my lecture, but maybe I forgot.  And, I am not at all sure what shadning is.  It apparently has something to do with assaulting people with fish.  You learn something new every day.

Assault in the 1st Degree

Assault in the Fish Degree

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham 10


If Being a Teacher was a LOL Cat!

April 17, 2009 Leave a comment

After explaining an assignment verbally and in writing several times and asking if anyone has questions, someone inevitably says “What are we doing?” Well, this is exactly what it feels like.

Ai splained it elebinty times.

Ai splained it elebinty times.

And then I go an bang my head into the white board.

The Graham 10

Calling All Teachers!!! How Do You Teach Respect?

April 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Help! I need some input. I find myself increasingly despondent at the lack of respect shown to me by my students. Today one of them spit in my coffee because there were consequences for being tardy to class. They also lack respect towards themselves and their peers. I admit that my weakness as a teacher is classroom management and that does not help the situation. Do any of you amazing teachers out there have ideas about how to teach respect? I think it would go a long way to improve my teaching and the lives of these kids. I would really like to start out the next year on a high note, and any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
The Graham Ten