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A Gathering of Friends

April 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Oh Hai!

I just love the friendships that are depicted in these photos.  Two adorable animals + friendship = massive cuteness.  Enjoy and smile!

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Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten


Friendship Knows No Species

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh Hai,

Some of these pictures are clearly staged, some are chance encounters caught on film that may or may not have ended in dinner, others are stories of true friendships, all are adorable and heart warming.  We could learn something from animals.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten

A Few Insanely Cute Animals and a Gloriously Absurd Lawsuit For Wednesday’s Viewing Pleasure

August 4, 2009 1 comment

Oh Hai!

Let’s start with the insanely cute animals.  They will improve your mood for the gloriously absurd lawsuit to follow.

Okay now that you have taken your medication you are prepared for the new legal low that an enterprising American young person has stooped to.

Education Does Not Come With a Money Back Guarantee

Trina Thompson graduated from Monroe College last April with a degree in information technology.  Since then she has been looking for a job with whitch to support herself.  Unfortunately in this down economy she has had trouble finding a permanent and well paying position that would put her $70,000 dollar college education to good use.  With student loan payments breathing down her neck she has opted for an unique and ground breaking solution, suing for a refund.  Trina has decided that her education was not what it was cracked up to be and she deserves her money back.  She filed suit for a full refund of her $70,000 tuition in Bronx Supreme Court on July 24th.  The basis of her claim is that the school’s career office did not do enough to help her find a job after graduation.

“They have not tried hard enough to help me,” the frustrated Bronx resident wrote about the school in her lawsuit.

“She’s angry,” said Thompson’s mother, Carol. “She’s very angry at her situation. She put all her faith in them, and so did I. They’re not making an effort.”

The school, of course, believes that the suit is without merit.  We will see what the court has to say about it in the near future.  Imagine the precedent if Trina wins her case.  How many more people will sue for the return of their education expenses.  I hate to admit it, but it took me over a year to find a legal job after I graduated from law school in 1995.  Even when I did find one, it was not in the field I was hoping to practice in.  During the time of my job search I supported myself by doing temp work as an administrative assistant and receptionist.  Yes, I had a $40,000 legal education, but nothing was beneath me because I needed to eat and keep a roof over my head.  Little did I realize, and I went to law school, that I could sue for a full refund of my tuition.  To make matters worse, I am not even practicing law today.  I went back to school in 2001 and became a teacher (more tuition money).  Wow, did I miss an opportunity.  Silly me I paid off those loans that I incurred when I made the decision to go to law school.   I don’t regret the education for a minute.  Getting an education is never a waste, even if you can’t find a job.  Good luck to Trina (I mean with the job search).  I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Tens

In Case You Haven’t Had Enough Baby Animals Yet.

June 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Oh Hai Again!

Okay, okay the public is clammoring for more baby animals.  I have been scouring the internet for some more cute baby animals (some are so ugly they are cute) for you to enjoy.  Brining you the best baby animals one internet search at at time.

Coming Tomorrow: Baby Farm Animals.

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham Ten

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

May 30, 2009 6 comments

Oh Hai!

Maybe it’s because it is spring, or maybe it’s because I am preoccupied with the desire for a baby, but babies seem to be everywhere these days.  Everywhere I look I see human babies and animal babies.  Babies here.  Babies there.  Babies, babies everywhere.  I thought I would share the wealth and post a few of those animal babies for you to enjoy.  Enjoy!

Thank You For Your Consideration,

The Graham 10